Ross Sinclair                         C.V. 2005




1990 - 1992       -           MFA  Glasgow School of Art

1992                  -           California Institute of the Arts(Cal - Arts)              

1984-1990         -           BA Hons. Glasgow School of Art (Environmental Art Dept)

Currently, Academic Researcher, Glasgow School of Art


One Person Exhibitions

2006                 -           CCA, Glasgow

2006                 -           Galerie KnapperBaumgarten, Stockholm, Sweden

2004                 -           Art Metropole, Toronto

2004                 -           The Agency, London

2004                 -           Gallery Van Ram, Ghent, Belgium

2004                 -           The Real Life Rock Opera Vol. 1, Travelling Gallery, touring, Scotland

2002                 -           Wewerke Pavillion, Munster

2002                 -           Gallery Yvon Lambert, Paris, France

2002                 -           The Agency, London

2002                 -           Gallery Raffaella Cortese, Milano, Italy

2001/2              -           Selected Real Life, Badischer Kunstverein, Karsruhe, Germany

2001                 -           Fortress Real Life,South London Gallery, London, England

2001                 -           The Agency, London

2000                 -           Galerie Knoll, Wien, Austria

2000                 -           Journey to the Edge of the World, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, England

1999                 -           Journey to the Edge of the World, The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh

1999                 -           Hamnavoe Free State(London Office)The Agency, London

1998                 -           A Dream of the Hamnavoe Free State, Pier Arts Centre, Orkney, Scotland

                        -           Black Switzerland vs The World, Galerie Walchaturm, Zurich, Switzerland

1997                 -           Mercer Union, Toronto, Canada

                        -           Iain Irving Gallery, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

                        -           Containerize, Kunstwerke, Berlin(with David Allen), Germany

                        -           Portable Real Life, The Agency, London, England

1996                 -           Real Life Rocky Mountain, CCA, Glasgow, Scotland

1995                 -           I Never Felt More Like Singin theBlues,DeParaplufabrik,Nijmegen,Holland

                        -           Studio RealLife,GalerieCampbellsOccasionally,Copenhagen,Denmark

                        -           As Good As New, Smart Gallery, Amsterdam(with Otto Berchem)

1994                 -           Art Zombies, Catalyst Arts, Belfast, N. Ireland

                        -           Galeria Knoll, Budapest (with Roddy Buchanan), Hungary

1993                 -           Gallery Knoll, Vienna (with Roddy Buchanan), Austria

                        -           We Don't Love You Anymore, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland

1992                 -           Black Flags for USA'92, Lime Gallery, Cal-Arts, Los Angeles, USA

1991                 -           National Virus, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (with Euan Sutherland)

                        -           Fanclub, Stills Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland


Group Exhibitions

2006                 -           Sculpture project Wiesbaden, Germany

2005                 -           Commission for Radiance Light festival, Glasgow

2005                 -           Critical Societies - Badischer Kunstverein, Karsruhe, Germany

2005                 -           Flag Project -  Bethnal Green London

2005                 -           God is Bored With Us, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, London

2005                 -           Aichi World Expo, British Pavillion, Nagoya, Japan

2004/5              -           Grate Britain, Cell Projects, London

2004                 -           Glenfiddich Residency, Dufftown, Scotland

2004                 -           Plain Sight, Bloomberg, London

2004                 -           Strangers to Ourselves, London

2004                 -           ‘Shake' Villa Arson, Nice

2004                 -           Louder this Time, Sonia Rosso, City Loop, Pordenone

2003                 -           Bad Behaviour, Arts Council of England Collection, touring

2003                             Skin Deep,Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Rovereto

2003                 -           Northern Grammar, Solvberget Stavanger Kulturhaus, Norway

2003                 -           Sanctuary, Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow

2003                 -           Independence, South London Gallery

2003                 -           Far away So Close, Regione Autonoma Valle D'aosta

2002/3* -           On Stage, Hannover Kunstverein/Villa Merkel Esslingen

2002                 -           Words from the Arts Council Collection, touring

2002                 -           No one Ever Dies Here, Hartware Medien Kunstverein, Dortmund

2002                 -           Photographia, Collection Lambert, Avignon, France

2002*                -           Greyscale/CMYK, Tramway, Glasgow, Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin

2002*                -           Happy Outsiders, Galeria Zacheta, Warsaw, Poland

2002*                -           Air Guitar, Milton Keynes Gallery

2001/2              -           Rendez-Vous, Collection Lanbert, Avignon, France

2001                 -           Here and Now – Scottish Art 1990–2001, Dundee Contemporary Arts,Scotland

2001*                -           Space, Glasgow Print Studio, Scotland

2001                 -           Freundschaft, Kuckei + Kuckei, Berlin, Germany

2001                 -           A Very Fancy Fair, Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht, Netherlands

2001                 -           Paradise Lost, Ecole Superiore de ‘art Perpignon, France

2001                 -           Zero Gravity, Fondazione Adriano Olivetti, Palazzo Delle Esposizioni, Roma

2001                 -           Basel Art Fair, Statements   section

2001                 -           City Racing, A Partial Account, I.C.A., London

2001                 -           Circles, ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany

2001                             Casey Kaplan, New York, USA

2001                 -           P.S.1., New York

2000/1* -           Black Box Recorder, British Council, Touring, Global

2000                 -           PICAF 2000, Pusan Art Festival, Pusan, Korea

2000                 -           A Shot in the Head, Lisson Gallery, London, England

2000                 -           LKW, Kunsthaus, Bregenz, Austria

2000                 -           Neues Leben, Expo, Galerie fur Zietgenossische Kunst, Leipzig

2000                 -           Bleibe, Akademie der Kunst, Berlin, Germany

2000                 -           Living in the Real World, Museum Dhont Dhanens,Ghent, Belgium

2000                 -           If I Ruled The World, CCA Glasgow, Scotland

2000/1              -           Landscape, British Council touring, Weimar/St Petersburg/Sao Paolo...

2000                 -           The Blue Chamber, Duff House, Banff, Scotland

2000                 -           For Those About to Rock..., Galerie Der Stadt Shwaz, Austria

1999                 -           If I Ruled The World, Living Art Museum, Iceland

                        -           LKW, O.K. Centre for Contemporary Arts, Linz, Austria

                        -           Word Enough to save a life..., Dilston Grove Church, London, England

1998                 -           Dangelberry, Rozengracht 207c, Amsterdam, Netherlands

                        -           From Here, High St. Project, Christchurch, New Zealand

                        -           Habitat, CCP, Melbourne, Australia

                        -           MacTotem, An Lanntair, Stornoway

                        -           This Island Earth, An Turrain Art Centre, Portree Isle of Skye

                        -           Do All Oceans Have Walls?, Kunstlerhaus and G.A.K., Bremen,

                        -           Voiceover ; Sound and Vision in recent Art, National Touring Exhibitions, London -  Arnolfini, Bristol,Hatton Gallery, Newcastle, Nottingham Castle, Museum and Art Gallery

                        -           New Art from Glasgow, Museet for Samtidskunst, Oslo.

1997                 -           Moving star, Downtown Arts Festival, New York

                        -           Stirling Flags Project, Independent Public Arts Edinburgh

                        -           Duende co-operatieve werkgemeenschop, Rotterdam

                        -           'Glasgow', Kunsthalle, Bern

                        -           One Night Stands, The Norwich Gallery, England

                        -           Speel, Artis, Den Bosch, The Netherlands

1996                 -           Sarah Statons Supastore De-Luxe, UP &Co New York

                        -           Shopping, Soho Art week, New York

                        -           City Limits, Staffordshire University,England

                        -           All Girls Gallery, Berlin

                        -           Host, O.B. Projects, Amsterdam

                        -           Notell Hotel, Moat House Hotel, Glasgow

                        -           A4 Favours, Three Month Gallery, Liverpool

                        -           Art for People, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow

                        -           Make me Clean Again, Alpenmilchzentrale, Vienna

1995                 -           6eme Semaine Internationale de Video, Saint Gervais Geneve

                        -           Fairytale in the Supermarket, Fotofeis, Glasgow

                        -           30 seconds plus title, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

                        -           Scottish Autumn, Ujlak Exhibition Hall, Budapest

                        -           Shopping, CAPC Museum, Bordeaux

                        -           How to Dress, Kunsthalle, Vienna

                        -           Shift, De Appel, Amsterdam

                        -           Club Berlin, Kunstwerke at the Venice Biennale

                        -           Eigen + Art at I.A.S., Independant Artspace, London

1994                 -           Institute of Cultural Anxiety,  I.C.A. London

                        -           It is Not Like it Used to Be, Bartok 32 Galeria, Budapest

                        -           Aerial, Museum of Despair, The Royal Mile,Edinburgh

                        -           Modern Art, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow

                        -           Wish You Were Here, Leeds

                        -           Some of my Friends, Gallerie Campbells Occasionally, Copenhagen

                        -           Easter Show, Summer Show, Three Day Weekend, Los Angeles

                        -           GOL, Mark Boote Gallery, New York

                        -           3+3+3, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh

1993                 -           Left Luggage, Hou Hanru, Paris, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Vienna

                        -           Return of the Exquisite Corpse, Drawing Centre, New York

                        -           International Departures, Gessellshaft Fur Actuelle Kunst, Bremen

                        -           My Little Toilet, Jonathan Monks' Apartment, Glasgow

1992                 -           Transmission at City Racing, City Racing Gallery, London

                        -           Excerpts from USA '92,  MFA Show, Glasgow

                        -           The Real Post Other, 1545 Wilcox, Hollywood, Los Angeles

                        -           Invisible Cities, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh,

1991                 -           Bellgrove Billboard Project, Bellgrove Rail Station, Glasgow,

                        -           Gianni Piacentinis 'Living Room', Glasgow

1990                 -           Fem Fra Glasgow, Hordaland Kunstner Sentrum,  Bergen

1989                 -           Information, Paisley Museum and Art Gallery

                        -           Festival of Plagiarism, Transmission, Glasgow              


Publications Available


2004     - If North Was South and East was West, Badischer Kunstverein, 200pp  ISBN, 3-89309-106-8

2000 -   Real Life and How to Live It -Fruitmarket, Edinburgh, 96pp colour  ISBN 0-947912-67-3

1997 -   Ross Sinclair - Real Life, CCA , Tramway, Pier Arts Centre 96 pp col,b/w  ISBN 1 873331134



2003     Northern Grammar, Solvberget Stavanger Kulturhaus, Norway

2003     Bad Behaviour, Arts Council Collection, touring

2003     Skin Deep,Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, di trento e

2002     Greyscale/CMYK, Tramway, Glasgow

2002     Happy Outsiders, Galeria Zacheta, Warsaw, Poland

2002-    For Those About to Rock, Milton Keynes Gallery

2002 -  Words – Arts Council of England

2001     Art and Artifact, The Museum as Medium, James Putnam, Thames and Hudson

2001-    Zero Gravity, Fondazione Adriano Olivetti, Palazzo Delle Esposizioni, Roma

2001-    Here and Now – Scottish Art 1990–2001, Dundee Contemporary Arts,Scotland

2001*    Circles, ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany

2000/1 - Black Box Recorder, British Council, Touring, Europe

2000*    PICAF 2000, Pusan Art Festival, Pusan, Korea

2000-    If I Ruled The World, CCA Glasgow

2000-    LKW, Kunsthaus, Bregenz, Austria

2000-    Neues Leben, Expo, Leipzig

2000 -   Living in the Real World, Museum Dhont Dhanens,Ghent, Belgium

2000 -   Landscape, British Council, touring

2000 -   The Blue Chamber, Duff House, Banff, Scotland

1999 -   LKW - Paolo Bianchi, OK Centrum fur Gegenwartskunst, Austria

1998 -   Morning Star, Evening Star,  Habitat, CCP, Melbourne, Austra


1998 -   From Here, High St. Project, Christchurch, New Zealand

1998 -   MacTotem, An Lanntair, Stornoway, Scotland

1998 -  Do All Oceans Have Walls?, Kunstlerhaus and G.A.K., Bremen,

1998 -   Voiceover, Sound and Vision in Recent Art, National Touring Exhibitions, London

1998-    New Trends in Scottish Art, Kari Brantzaeg, For Art, Norway

1998 -   Nettverk Glasgow, Museet for Samtidskunst, Oslo

1997 -   Glasgow, Kunsthalle, Bern

1997 -   Stirling Flags Project, Stirling District Council

1996 -   Shopping, Deitch Projects, New York (p19)

1995 -   6eme Semaine Internationale de Video. Geneve (p32p 89-92)

1995 -   Scottish Autumn, Budapest, British Council (p22)

1995 -   Shopping, CAPC Musee, Bordeaux

1995 -   Shift, De Appel, Amsterdam, interview with Sjoukje van der Muelen

1994 -   Works from the Collection, Institure of Cultural Anxiety, I.C.A., London, FrancisMcKee

1994 -   It is not like it used to be, Bartok 32 Galeria, Budapest. Essay, Erzsebet Tatia

1993 -   International Departures, Gesellshaft fur Actuelle Kunst, Bremen, Essays by Eva Scmidt, Liam Gillick, Tom Eccles and Ross Sinclair

1992 -   Invisible Cities, Fruitmarket, Edinburgh, Essay Tom Eccles

1991 -   Bellgrove Billboard Project, essays Alan Dunn, Nigel Rolfe, Francis




The Scottish Arts Council

The British Council

Arts Council of England

Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, England

Stirling District Council

Sammlung Hauser & Wirth, St Gallen

Hamburg Kunsthalle

Collection Lambert

Private Collections, Switzerland, Germany, UK, France, USA, Hong Kong,


Current Panels

Selection Advisor to Durham Cathedral Resisency

Artistic advisor to Cove Park, Argyll


Exhibitions Curated

Young Scottish Artists, Overgarten, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1994

Artist Initiative, collective, Saltoun Art Project Glasgow(S.A.P.) 1993

If I Ruled The World - Living Art Museum, Iceland/CCA Glasgow(with Bryndis Snaebjornsdottir)1999/2000


2004                 -           SAC Creative Development Award

2001                 -           Art Statements, Basel Art Fair, Baloise Prize

2000                 -           Scottish Arts Council, Artist Award

1999     -                       Arendt Oetker Atelier Stipendium, Gelerie fur Zeitgenossische Kunst,


1998-2000         -           Paul Hamlyn Award

1997                 -           Scottish Arts Council, Artist Award

1994                 -           Scottish Arts Council. Amsterdam Residency '94 - '95

1993                 -           Scottish Arts Council. Small assistance Grant

1992                 -           Richard Ellis M.A. Prize, Glasgow School of Art

1992                 -           Hope Scott Trust /The Cross Trust/The Scottish International Education Fund

1992                 -           Glasgow Educational and Marshall Fund

1990                 -           Bank of Scotland Prize for best Dissertation, Glasgow School of Art

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Essays Published

2004                             Art School is Dead/Long Live Art School, A Curriculum for Artists, Ruskin, Oxford University

2003                             A long journey towards this exact moment ; The Mirrored Catalogue D'oiseaux, by Dave Allen, Boileau & Narcejac 7” single, sleeve notes

2002                             From Gnomic to Quixotic in 5000 years, History, Geography and Henry Viii's Wives, Tramway, Glasgow

2002                 -           What's in a Decade?, Circles, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Ed, Christoph Keller

2000                             Politics, Loyalty and the Class of ‘84, Roddy Buchanan, DCA, Scotland

2000                 -           Deja-Vu,  Douglas Gordon, Musee d'Art Moderne de la ville de Paris, Museum                            Keys - interview,

2000                 -           Can none of you Fuckers speak  English...?Desire Lines, Environmental Art Dept, Glasgow School of Art., 1998

1998                 -           Ugly/Beautiful - The Wonderful World That Never Was,  Kenny Hunter -

                                    Arnolfini, Bristol

1996                 -           Transmission Gallery, 10 Year Anniversary Book Scotland - A brief and Fractured Introduction to the History of the Period 1983 -2083   (-now published in Ross Sinclair:Real Life)

1995                 -           Jackie Donachie/Kirsty Ogg, Galeria Knoll, Budapest Well it's 1969  OK?

1995                 -           Maikafer flieg, Hochbunker, Koln Ehrenfel This is the Sound of the Suburbs

1994                 -           New Art in Scotland CCA, Glasgow Nietzche, the Beastie Boys and Masturbating as an Art Form

1994                 -           Rory Donaldson,Loaded, Orchard Gallery, Derry Makes no Sense at All

1993                 -           Douglas Gordon, Tramway Glasgow ,

                        -           The Sociable Art of Douglas Gordon

1993                 -           Julie Roberts, Venice Bienalle, 'Emergency' Aperto Section cat.

1993                 -           Bond/Gillick, Barcley, Buchanan, Sinclair, Gessellshaft furActuelle Kunst, Bremen, Faster than a pool of piss on a hot summer sidewalk

1992                 -           In And Out, Back And Forth, New York This is Something for the Blunted

1992                 -           Guilt By Association MOMA, Dublin Museum Keys - interview  with Douglas Gordon

1991                 -           Windfall '91, Glasgow ; Bad Smells but no sign of the Corpse