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What is ChIT?

ChIT (Chateau Institute of Technology) is a computer project at The Chateau in Glasgow. It's built on grassroots support and recycled technology. We provide free access computer services to Chateau members, associates and anyone else who asks. We are a self-institute: self-made, self-authorized. We keep our machines free by running open source software: currently we use Xubuntu on our PCs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the free access PC facilities?

Yes. E-mail info at chateau.org.uk to arrange access.

What other computer based services do you offer?

In the near future we will offer web space and have the capability of streaming media.

Can I borrow computers and other IT equipment?

Quite probably. We have in the past lent out equipment for exhibitions and events. It's preferable if you have your own transport. Tell us about your requirements and we will try to assist.

I have equipment to donate. Do you want it?

Thanks. We are open to offers of useable equipment, as we aim to always keep a few steps behind the consumer PC market. We will re-distribute equipment we don't need.

Can you give me a free computer?

Normally we give equipment when we know it will be for shared or community use. If this is you, then please email us your request.