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THE CHATEAU (LONDON) 24th October 2003 @ Electrowerkz, EC1


"Every corner is filled with curios: cages that the more adventurous audience members are using as fetish jungle gyms, small fabric homunculi, and to cap it all a seating area done up as a wrestling ring. Roland Barthes would be proud.

....Tonight is a night that demonstrates the potential the live format holds, about the way a group of musicians can shine, show off their skills, but also be so much more. Itís about the way music, art, performance, sculpture and architecture can live together, feed off each other, and complement each othersí vital force." (No Ripcord)


ARCADE GAME: Steven Dickie
BANDS: Franz Ferdinand, I Love Lucy, Joy Zipper, Bloc Party, Pink Grease, Park Attack
CAGED BEAR : Vicky Melody
FILMS: Stephanie Connelly & Shireen Taylor, John Matthews, Anna McCarthy,
PLAYING RECORDS: Stuart Braithwaite (mogwai), Ronnie Danzig, Ladytron, Ruth (Goldfrapp)
SCREEN PRINT: Lucy Mckenzie
SLIDES: Emlyn Firth & Oliver
SOCIAL CIRCLES : Robb Mitchell
THINGS IN CAGES : Heather Docherty, Anna Francisa Nilson
WALL BASED WORKS: Will Holt, Robert Niven, Robert Churm, Charlie Hammond, Lotte Gertz, Kasia Zych, Nadia Burns
WRESTLING RING: Anna McCarthy, Maneula



"Electrowerkz, despite being the size of a mildly impressive whale, is packed to the gills" (Play Louder)


"People fighting to get in" (Drowned in Sound)

" Tonight as part of their own Chateau club night Franz Ferdinand played two sets, both being filled to bursting with the songs that slap you in the face and lodge in your head, taking over the crowd without exception. By the end of the second set London had fallen for them and a major contender for the best British band of 2004 had arrived." (Stereo Effect)


more photos soon - enjoy Will Holt's wallpaper until then


The Chateau - 10000 sq foot events / visual arts / design / music / studios & drama space in almost-riverside, city centre art deco panoramicia & other things in other places (including a rice cooker)

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