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"The unconventional surroundings suited the art works well" (The List)

."I've been in Glasgow 5 years and never been to a night like this" (HMT)

"an enormous throng...destined to be Scotland's new South Bank" (The Scotsman)


Level 6:


Franz Ferdinand assassination by black hand - members of proforma, karelia, yummy fur etc in jerky rendition of Kraut Disco live transmissions, you know, kind of sexy in a skinny way.

Uncle John & Whitelock Evil sex twangs in a link wray tom waits howlin wolf white stripe beat. But nastier.

Scatter Remember when Jazz was exciting? No you don't, because it never has been until Scatter - Mark E Smith vocals over a Weimar beat, trumpet, double bass and yes.... it's a blooming bouzouki.

Park Attack Chaos theory as music, robots f*#k dinosaurs - three string guitars, probably a computer and mo tucker beat.

Level 5:


Put the kettle on, these may take a while to load


level 6, yes those are real sunbeds

level 5

No, that's not a yellow mickey mouse in 3 pix, it's a "tiger" hat. Grrrrr.

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