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POINTLESS CINEMA : audiovisual lounge

The workshop space of The Chateau transfored into a multi-screen playground to bring you regular selections of fresh AV experiments. With lighting installations, showcase screenings from established experimental video artists, live performances and VJ/ DJ sets, Pointless Cinema covers a wide range of innovative moving image art practices from Glasgow and beyond.

Thursday 13th November

Pointless Cinema03 - Machinista Review and 2003 -2004 Preview - click for full details

Live: Torsten Lauschmann, VJ Vitascope, Brand X, Guy,

Best of show extracts from Machinista 2003 entries including: Arno Cohen Nomig VJ Anyone New work from VJ EPS (Vadim Epstein, Moscow), supervisor for the "VJs versus Visualisers" category for Machinista 2003.

plus installations & paintings from Marianne Greated, Jay-Go, Fi$,t Emlyn Firth, and Machinista 2003 DVD jukebox boudoir by: OnceWereFarmers + Jelly + Simon Harlow

Thursday 28th August Pointless Cinema 02

installations, performances and screenings from

  • Ablab (Dan Norton)
  • Kate Burton + The Gauge of Mire and Swing
  • Heather Docherty
  • Caroline Campbell
  • D-Fuse
  • Emlyn Firth
  • Geraldine Greene
  • Jam Gray
  • Rodell
  • S+H
  • Simon Harlow
  • Kasia Zych


POINTLESS CINEMA 01 Thursday 12th June


installation/ performance> STEVEN DIKKIE




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