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Big Friendly Show February/ March 2003 @ The Chateau

  • Steven Dickie
  • Ola Gustafsson
  • Jakob Anckarsvärd
  • Aya Iguchi
  • Matias Ring + Julia Schnabel
  • Silo Design
  • Kristian Körner
  • Robb Mitchell
  • Ursula Nistrup
  • Raul Ortega
  • Andy Knowles
  • Barbara Krull

plus members of Franz Ferdinand in a cardboard box

(more pictures, more sorted out soon)


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190 Bath Street


The Chateau - 10000 sq foot events / visual arts / design / music / studios & drama space in almost-riverside, city centre art deco panoramicia & other things in other places (including a rice cooker)

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